Fire Safety at Home and at Work

It is our own responsibility to be safe in our homes and workplaces. The National Fire Protection Association says that cooking fires are the major causes of home fires and also injuries and if you want to avoid disaster, it is important to engage everyone and review the safety in our homes.

Deaths from accidents within the home have steadily declined over the years, but one death from a fire is still too many.  There are many causes of fires in both the home and workplace and they include, faulty wiring, negligence and accidents.

Fire safety needs to be a priority both at home and at work, in the workplace we have fire drills and diagrams showing you where the exits are.  At home you have to take care to do the same thing.  Plan a family safety night every so often to make sure everyone understands your fire safety plan.  Here is a video showing you what to include in your home fire safety plan.

You can start by;

  1. Marking your calendars so you remember to check the smoke detectors and also to change the batteries.
  2. Making sure that your children know the sound a smoke detector makes and what action to be taken
  3. Testing smoke detectors in every floor, every bedroom and also outside the bedrooms
  4. Informing your children about the dangers of hot food, stoves or the appliances they use on a daily basis.
  5. Reviewing escape procedures from the different rooms in the house
  6. Informing them of who to call when there is an emergency. Also have a reporting location whereby you let everyone know that you are safe.
  7. Discussing with your family about how Carbon Monoxide works and the actions to take when the alarms sounds.
  8. Making sure the exterior house number is visible so that the fire department can see clearly
  9. Making sure that if your clothes catch fire, stop, drop and roll
  10. Learning that if the door handles are hot, learn two ways out of each and every room

Safety measures for the workplace will help enhance employee and public safety.

Below are some safety work tips;

  1. Ensure employees are well trained in the use of fire extinguishers
  2. There should be evacuation and fire drills which is required by Fire Code. Include also the supervisory staff and occupants.
  3. The workplace should have a Fire prevention program.  Inspect the fire alarm and any other safety equipment which is required by the fire code. You can ask help from the fire safety consultant.
  4. Ensure you have an evacuation program which will include procedures for fire wardens during evacuations and also address incidents which include emergencies during the evacuations.

Protect and prepare your family, enhance tenant or employee safety and always be ready for any emergency.

How to Protect Your Wooden Deck from Fire

Wooden decks provide a convenient place for many families across the world to enjoy some fresh air, watch the sun set and even enjoy their meal. A deck can also offer easy access to your home’s amenities while still giving you an enjoyable outdoor space. In recent years, families have started to use fire pits on their home decks. If you fall into this category, you need some fire pit deck safety and protection tips for your valuable property.  Here is how to protect your well-varnished decks from a fire.

To safely and securely use a fire pit on your wooden deck:

Choose a safe location

You are recommended to select a location that is several feet away from your house, railings, walls, overhangs or roofs, blinds, tree limbs, shades, etc. Preferably, pick a location of your deck that is sheltered from the wind; it’s safer and secure.

Prepare the selected area carefully

Take your time to ensure that your wooden deck is safe from fire by carrying out the following safety guidelines:

  • Have on hand all your firefighting equipment just in case of a fire
  • Ensure all deck furniture, umbrellas and others items are kept out of the way
  • Have all trip hazards like floor mats, dog leashes or extension cords removed from the area
  • If you have a natural gas powered fire pit connected directly to your home, make sure it’s safely routed so that no one is going to trip over it.
  • Store any extra wood at a distance that is safe so that wayward sparks will not ignite it unintentionally

Protect your deck using fire pit pad

You should never try using your fire pit directly on your wooden or composite deck. Use fire pit pads to protect the deck from embers, heat or ash. You can find fire pit pads in a variety of materials and styles; metal, tile, screen mesh, stone composite, and stone. You can also construct your own fire resistant pad by just placing bricks and interlocking paving stones, or cinder blocks to the area where you are thinking of putting a fire pit. Besides, you can make it permanent by using a mortar to bind them all together.  Another alternative is to adhere heat-resistant tiles to a big piece of plywood and placing them beneath the fire pit.

Place the portable fire pit over the fire pit pad

Use the stand that comes with the fire pit to put the fire pit over the pad. Always make sure the fire pit is stable enough not to wobble.

Lighting your fire

  • Place some sand in the bottom of your fire pan. This will serve as an additional insulation layer between your deck and hot coals.
  • Use alternatives to fire pits that can burn your wooden decks
  • The most recommended option, in this case, is propane or gas as they produce no sparks or mess.
  • Make sure to put the off the fire completely
  • Once you are done with fire, ensure its completely put out. Dare not to leave a fire as close as this to your home, burning and unattended for even the shortest time possible.

Bottom line:

Although you have the best moments relaxing on your wooden deck, enjoying the radiant glow from the cracking fire and roasting marshmallows, safety remains your number one consideration. You don’t want to damage your home because you lacked the know how to protect your wooden deck. Now that you have learnt about fire protection for decks and are looking to purchase one then contact decking Durban for a free quote.